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Athletic Brewing Co

About Athletic Brewing Co

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    350 Long Beach Blvd
    Stratford, CT 06615

    Athletic Brewing Co

    At Athletic Brewing, we’re all about great-tasting beer for the modern healthy & active adult – they just happen to be non-alcoholic, light in calories (50-70), and healthy. Our beers are crafted by a multiple award-winning brewer in our state of the art brewery dedicated entirely to NA beer. They’re clean label (only 4 ingredients), certified organic (All Organic Grains), all natural and full of electrolytes and minerals.

    Our customer base spans a wide age gap from GenZ to traditional NA drinkers in their elder years, however our target demographic is the healthy & active modern adult who just wants to feel good all the time. Our products span far beyond the traditional NA penalty box, but include the 40% of adults who drink less than 0.1 drinks per week. Our whole motto is “Brew Without Compromise.”

    Brands: Run Wild IPA – Ultimate session IPA. 70 cals, < 0.5% ABV, no added sugar, all organic grains. Gold Medals - World Beer Awards, Int Beer Challenge. Upside Dawn Golden Ale – Clean and crisp. Only 50 cals, no added sugar, < 0.5% ABV, all organic grains.

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